Weaving in the Wild writing with James Aldridge in Earthlines Review. We were looking at our practice together - James’ artful work with young people in educational and outdoor settings and Chris with adults at Masters and Doctoral levels.

Two (Sea 01 and Sea 02) experimental films on the sea, intending to evoke the experience of shore and sea...

How do we attend to the things we need to do, the organisational structures we need to create and the ways we need to be to survive the industrial growth society?  Whether we like it or not the industrial growth society is the conduit which mediates us satisfying our basic needs such as clean water, heat and food. At the same time as ensuring the basics, how do we cultivate a life sustaining socio-ecosystem? How do we see and value both together as our work in the world? Is this possible without being consumed by the demands and shapes of the industrial growth society? How are we to live?

(Right) Working with Michael Jacobs at The Centre for Narrative Leadership’s event on Love and Fear in a changing world, July 2012


Chris Seeley died on 3 December 2014. Her work continues to inspire artists, scholars and seekers around the world. The resources on this site are as she left them. You are welcome to read, enjoy and make use of them.

Artful Organisation Report

Cultivating artful ways of knowing in the world – dance, film-making, improvisation, music, poetry, photography, sculpture, storytelling, visual arts, writing – is essential if we are to imagine futures where we organise and structure our activities sustainably.

Abstracted rational thinking is also important, but we assert that on its own this is not enough to get us out of the dangerous global mess we have made for ourselves (and many speculate that it is the domination of these more linear ways of thinking that have led to such a precarious situation arising). Instead, we need to develop a healthier blend of ways of knowing, working and being.

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